Wine Tasting At the Simon's Town Museum



Some Reviews...

Thank you so much for a very very special event!!!

Pleasure! It was a wonderful evening!!!

What a lovely lady you are. You’re a rare find in this world of business.
Thank YOU Steph.
We all had an absolute blast.
Please keep in touch for more events like these.

Thank you for a most enjoyable evening. It was only a pleasure. Thank you.

Thank you for inviting me, I will keep assisting you with the marketing of all of your events.
It was a fantastic evening, well done to you and your team. 

Great evening – well done. Look forward to more.  Thanks very much.

You are so kind, Steph! Thank YOU for a lovely event and allowing us once again to be a part of it!

Dear Steph, First of all I want to tell you again that the wine festival was really extraordinary!
And there were really many people and the interest was huge.
We had nice talks with some of the Wine Makers and we had the impression that they also enjoyed the ambiance in the Museum very much.

Seven Sisters, the young Darren was very nice, The lady from Riebeek Valley was lovely and of course Ayama,
they sprayed their Italian Charm and humor around and mesmerized the visitors!

Thank you once more for all your long term preparations and efforts etc!

Thanks so much for last night! We had a fabulous time tasting superior wines at The Simon's Town Museum Festival. All the best.
We would like to do an interview the day of the next Wine Festival. It could be one of the Top Picks of Things to do over the weekend! 
Vicky, Cape Talk:

Thank you so much for inviting us. We had an amazing time. General Manager. Berthas Restaurant.



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